Tuesday, March 12, 2013

my new job: Lawn Technician

On account of my ever decreasing discretionary funds, I have fired my lawn guy and hired myself. For the cost of approximately one month of lawn care, I have purchased a 16” reel lawn mower to use throughout the season. The Greenworks brand is well-reviewed and the 16” size seems perfect for me, at about 26 pounds.

The only maintenance I foresee is sharpening the blades, which many online have called an “enjoyable activity.” While this will be a new time commitment on my part, I will be burning more calories and reducing my carbon footprint. (Previous lawn maintenance technician used a gas-powered riding lawn mower and gas-guzzling trimmer.) I particularly enjoy that Greenworks has categorized their reel mowers as "human" powered on their website. 

Thanks to Amazon, I will have my new human-powered mower this week. And should the weather be enjoyable Saturday, I will have a go at cutting my lawn myself! (Among other needed landscape chores.) I cannot wait for spring, happy gardening ya’ll!

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