Friday, May 28, 2010

oh happy day

Well it’s happened; my hollyhocks have begun to bloom. This is a momentous occasion. Just think, twenty one months ago I was harvesting Hollyhock seed from the stand of flowers outside of THE Hollyhock house, and now I have my own stand of blooming Hollyhock flowers!

These flowers are descendents of the very flowers that Frank Lloyd Wright himself may have planted but certainly planned for and gazed upon. I feel like I have a small piece of exquisite American architectural history growing right here in my Nashville garden. It has been a long journey but totally worth it.

Right now, there are only two white flowers blooming, but I’m hoping that some other colors will show up soon. The flowers at the Hollyhock House ranged from pale pink to rosy-pink. I guess now I’ll research how they are pollinated so that I can have some more seeds to plant for next year.

I think packaging and selling seeds from the flowers at the Hollyhock House would be an amazing fund-raising opportunity for the Hollyhock House. If you’ve been there, you know they need every dollar they can get for restoration and maintenance. I think I’ll send them a note right now!

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