Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I’m surprised as anyone that I have started this blog. But after watching Julia & Julia, I realized that a blog could function not only as a motivational tool, but also hold me accountable to goals I’ve set. What I need motivation for is gardening, in my own garden.

I am a landscape architect by profession, currently working full-time on a 90-acre estate. And while I do have opportunities at work to get my hands dirty; I have little time, energy, or money to do much gardening at my own house. When people learn what my profession is, they immediately say one of two things, either ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’ or ‘I bet your house is beautifully landscaped’. So I feel pressure for my house and garden to reflect my passion for horticulture and design.

Sadly, last year I barely tended anything. I may have weeded and top-dressed with mulch once. The good news is it will be easy to improve upon last year; the bad news is there’s a lot to do. Mainly, I will focus on weeding, redefining, and maintaining existing plant beds. New gardening challenges will include: hollyhocks, vegetables, herbs, and mastering the art of composting.

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